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Sliač airport was founded in 1944 and was originally known as “Letisko Tri Duby” Three Oaks airport. It played an important role during the Slovak National Uprising in 1944 when it became the most important airport of the Anti-Nazi Resistance in Slovakia. The airport changed its name from "Tri Duby" to Sliač in 1945. 


Sliač airport is a public limited company which is wholly owned and operated by the Slovak Republic. Sliac airport is very conveniently situated virtually in the centre of Slovakia with the major cities of Zvolen 7km (4.3m) to the south and Banská Bystrica 12km (7.4m) to the north. The recently constructed R1 highway is easily accessible, just 4.5 km (2.8miles) away, it provides direct and easy access to many other major cities and onward into the heart of the capital city, Bratislava. Work is currently in progress nearby constructing another major highway to Slovakia’s second largest city at the opposite end of the country, Kosice.

In 2009 the airport was temporarily closed while the runway underwent a multi-million euro reconstruction which was partly financed by the EU and partly by NATO. Modern sophisticated technology was installed which enables take-off and landing in adverse weather conditions including zero ground visibility. A brand new passenger terminal building was also constructed.

Today, we operate under the name of Airport Sliač Ltd. and we are fully operational. At 312m (1,025ft) above sea level and at 2,400m (1.5 miles) long. The airport caters for civil and military/NATO aviation.

An important function of Sliač airport is to promote tourism within the region. Slovakia is a country of 5.5m people and an increasingly popular “all year round” tourist destination. There are over 100 ski resorts and with the Carpathian and Tatras mountain ranges being nearby, it makes it a very popular destination for snowboarders and skiers alike. Summer actives are enhanced by almost 1,000 years of recorded history which is drenched in rich culture and tradition. For the sightseers, there are over 130 castles, more than any other country in the world (per capita) to explore. Many have been restored to their former glory while others are untouched and contain a spirit of true historic authenticity. There are also 28 natural spa towns, many caves and hundreds of kilometres of unspoilt nature trails to enjoy either by hiking or cycling.

Slovakia is bordered by 5 countries; Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary & Austria, all within just a couple of hours reach from Sliač airport. As a land-locked country, we of course operate seasonal flights to and from coastal destinations.

From a business perspective, Sliač airport is centred within a stable economy. The main industries in the region are agriculture, forestry and wine production. Car assembly is broadly recognised as being one of the key national industries, currently assembling Skoda, Kia, Audi/VW and Porsche. There are excellent prospects for further manufacturing and assembly production. Slovakia is situated in central Europe and Sliač is situated in central Slovakia which means that destinations throughout Europe are no more  han just a couple of hours away.

On behalf of all the staff of Sliač airport, we sincerely look forward to welcoming you soon.

  •  Sliač airport is fully compliant regarding environment regulations and protects local nature and wildlife to the best of its abilities.

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