Charter flights

The opening of the airport Sliač on 16th June 2011 opened succesfully charter routes to popular coastal holiday destinations from the airport Sliač. 

We offer now international flights to Burgas in Bulgaria, Antalya in Turkey, to Heraklion and Araxos in Greece, and to Hurghada in Egypt.

We cooperate with leading travel agencies in the Slovak market and also we believe that, the charter services at the airport Sliač will provide more interest in public in the future. 

Scheduled flights

Scheduled air service from the airport Sliač is currently not available.

Sport aviation

Sports aircrafts are used on airport Sliač for training purposes of new pilots and their promotion on AIR DAYS regularly arranged on our airport.                 

Military flights

Airport Sliač provides its services to military aircrafts. Mostly they are from the Armed Forces of Slovakia, also flights from abroad as well. On flights from abroad are mainly used transport aircrafts, either on air transportation and military cargo or passenger transport.

By Slovak Republic's accession to NATO (2004), the volume of military aircrafts significantly multiplied. The airport offers its services to military aircraft of the Armed Forces flying under the rules of civil aviation.

Ambulance flights (medical service)

The airport also plays a crucial role in the implementation of the transplant hospital program in Banska Bystrica, because of fast and operational service in this area and co-operation across Europe. 

Through the air transport of human transplants and medical teams were saved lives or health of many patients held and depend only on this sort of aid.

Freight (cargo flights)

Very convenient airport location in agglomerations of towns Zvolen and Banská Bystrica - not only throughout the region and also throughout the Slovak Republic offers to airport Sliač great development opportunities in air freight.

This is enhanced by the presence of railway loading ramp near the airport.

Out of history: On the airport Sliač was also used one of the largest cargo aircraft in the world called An-124. "Ruslan".

Non - scheduled flights

Airport Sliač is used by aircrafts for quick and operational communication with likes of various foreign partners to have direct contact with local businesses in middle-slovak region.

These flight services are also used by diplomatic visitors to Slovakia, the participants of major sporting events or similar.
The possibility of rapid and safe transport substantially increases the attractiveness of our region to European investments because the airport significantly complemented transport infrastructure not only for Banska Bystrica region, but to whole Slovakia.

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Airport Sliac

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