Parking conditions 

Parking rates

Car parking is available close to the airport terminal.For passengers who leave their vehicle at the airport, we provide a parking in a designated area thatis monitored and unattended.Parking fee can be paid at the airport machine, which is located within the departure terminalbuilding. Parking is restricted to approximately 150 spaces.

The first 30min free

Each additional hour......1 EUR

1 day.............................8 EUR

2-7 days........................28 EUR

8-10 days......................35 EUR

11-12 days....................40 EUR

13-15 days....................46 EUR

Each additional day........4 EUR

Disabled or reduced mobility passengers with a “valid disabled parking permit" have reserved parking spaces outside the departure terminal. These places are provided free of charge.

 Terms of Services provided for customers of Sliač airport ​​public car park.

Operating Rules for parking at Sliač airport


1. Operator: Airport Sliač Ltd.

2. LOCATION: public parking area of airport Sliač, Ltd

3. Number of parking spaces: 160 + 7 for disabled or reduced mobility passengers and + 2 for buses.

4. HOURS OF OPERATION: 24 hours including weekends and public holidays

5. Parking system

Vehicle entry:

Stop in front of the entrance ramp. Press the button requesting a parking ticket after which the ramp will barrier will raise to allow access.

Park your vehicle in a designated parking space and places the parking ticket inside the vehicle in the shade to prevent the fading.

The speed limit within the car park is 10 km/h max’.

Payment of parking:

Parking is payable via an automated payment terminal, which is located near the departure hall

Prior to attempting to exit the car park, you must insert the ticket into the machine which will calculate your parking fee based upon the amount of time your vehicle was parked

Upon receipt of payment, you will obtain a receipt of payment and you will have an additional 15 minutes in which to exit the car park without encountering additional charge.

Lost parking tickets are charged as a fee of 50,00 EUR

Vehicle exit:

Stop in front of the barrier, place your receipt into the terminal, the ramp will raise, allowing you to exit the car park.

Drivers who forget to pay the parking fee and realise upon arrival at the exit barrier MUST NOT leave their vehicle at the exit while subsequently making payment.

Pedestrians are not permitted to enter the car park except for access to their own vehicles.

Operation in the car park is controlled by traffic signs and drivers are required to comply with the full provisions of law No. 315/1996/statute on Road Traffic, as amended.

I. Parking conditions

  •  These operating rules state the terms and conditions of temporary parking options and the possibility to reserve a parking space in advance for motor vehicles in the area of ​​toll parking in designated parking spaces at Sliač airport. Operation is ensured by payment for parking in the automatic cash machine and is issued on the basis of the operating conditions.
  • Parking spaces are designated for the temporary parking of motor vehicles of all airport

visitors and passengers using Sliač airport.

  • Parking in toll controlled areas is permitted for passenger vehicles only. No vans or comercial vehicles. Parking space may only be taken upon acceptance of these operating terms and conditions thereby concluding the agreement regarding the provision of parking space.
  •  Parking spaces are marked by horizontal road markings, vertical road signs and additional signs that provide information relating to the number of parking spaces.
  •  If the vehicle is parked outside the marked parking spaces and causes an obstruction to other road or pedestrian traffic, the operator reserves the right to tow the car away at the owners’ expense and risk.
  • If the driver breaks the contractual agreement (the contract) or the terms and conditions, the operator is entitled to tow the car away at the owners’ risk and expense.
  • In order to ensure financial claims incurred against the driver in connection with parking; i.e. Parking fee, reimbursement of expenses incurred for towing vehicles, etc. The operator reserves the right to retain the vehicle, even if the driver is not the rightful owner. In this situation, the operator will notify the owner of the detained vehicle and inform them of the reason for retention. The operator is entitled to use their own means to prevent unauthorised removal of the vehicle. The operators’ entitlement to retain the vehicle will cease upon receipt of satisfactory settlement of any secured claim or providing sufficient collateral.
  • Toll parking is monitored but not protected and the operator is not liable for damage, destruction or loss of vehicles or contents while parked. Vehicles are parked entirely at the owners’ risk.
  • The driver and passengers are required to apply due diligence while present on the operator's property and are liable for all damage caused by them to either their vehicle or the operators’ property.



  •  The driver is required to pay parking fee, as the price for the service.
  •  Parked vehicle must be locked and secured. The driver is required to secure vehicle and prevent it from movement, accidental or otherwise and to park only in one designated parking area.
  •  Comply with the operating rules as well as all warning signs, road signs and warnings. Keeping cleanliness as well as all safety and fire regulations.
  •  The car park is for use by roadworthy vehicles only, which are free from hazards or which may be harmful to others.
  •  Be patient during times of cleaning and maintenance of the premises within the parking area which may cause temporary and unavoidable restrictions.
  •  In case of failure of the parking machine, contact the operator immediately.



  • The operator is obligated to maintain cleanliness and safety in the car park, including winter maintenance, removal of obstacles and foreign objects which may affect the smooth operation of

the car park.


  •  The operator and the police department are authorised to control the use of car parks.
  •  In cases of discovered infringements of parking rules, the operator is entitled to warn the driver and ask him to remedy the situation or instruct a certified towing service to tow the vehicle at the owners’ expense


  •  These operating rules were approved at a meeting of the Board of Airport Sliač Ltd. and came into effect on 1st June 2015.
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